Thigh Lift

About Thigh Lift

General Procedure

If you decide on a thigh lift, the incision patterns depend on the type of lift you choose. An inner thigh lift requires incisions in the groin area, which may also wrap around the backs of the thighs. An outer thigh lift requires incisions that start at the groin and extend around the hip and across the back. Once the excess tissue and skin is removed, the remaining skin is lifted before the incisions are closed. A dressing is applied to keep the incision sites protected. A compression garment needs to be worn after surgery to reduce thigh swelling and support the healing process. All body contouring procedures of this nature require a general anaesthetic and are per-formed in an accredited medical facility.

Recovery Process

Discomfort, swelling, bruising and numbness are all normal after a thigh lift. This will ease over the following weeks, and our clinic team will be able to offer you advice on effective pain management. A compression garment may worn to reduce swelling and increase com-fort during recovery. To drain excess fluid, you may have drains which will be managed with the help of nursing staff. Patients need several days to rest and recover after a thigh lift procedure. During the first few weeks after your procedure, heavy lifting, strenuous exercise and swimming is discour-aged. Smoking should also be avoided to accelerate the healing process and prevent complications.

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