Back Bra Lift

About Back Bra Lift

General Procedure

A back bra lift, also known as an upper back lift or bra lift, is a procedure that removes the excess skin and fat from the upper back. It is called a bra lift as the incisions and scars are typically located under and covered by the bra line. This procedure can also reduce excess skin around the sides of the body, including the armpits and lower back. As a result, the contour of the skin on the upper part of the back is addressed. A back bra lift typically takes between one to two hours to complete and is performed under general anaesthesia. The first step to this procedure is to mark where the incision will be made. Typically, you will be marked whilst wearing your bra, to ensure that the incision is concealed. During the procedure, liposuction will be performed on the upper and middle portion of the back. Next, incisions will be made and excess, overhanging skin folds and tissue is removed. The skin is then pulled tight and sutured up.

Recovery Process

After your procedure you will likely experience bruising, tenderness and swelling around the incision site. This will ease over the following weeks, and our clinic team will be able to offer you advice on effective pain management. You will need to refrain from wearing a bra for the first week after surgery. In the weeks following, most women prefer a more comfortable sports bra, or a bra with a wide strap. After undergoing a back bra lift, your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will also tell you to avoid vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, sleeping on your back, raising your arms above your head, showing/bathing for the first day after surgery. You should be able to increase your activity levels after two weeks. Most patients take one to two weeks off work and fully resume their normal activities within six weeks after surgery.

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