Are you considering breast augmentation (enlargement)?

Do you have friends who have had breast implants?

What size? What shape? What technique?

When it comes to breast enlargement using implants (Breast Augmentation), there are important, quantifiable patient factors that have to be evaluated and processed in order to come up with an implant of choice. Size is not the only consideration, nor is it the most important. Silicone breast implants come in different volumes (e.g. 300cc, 350cc, 400cc.) They have variations in width/base dimensions, and are shaped with different degrees of projection (e.g. low, moderate, high). All three factors have to be integrated in consideration for what you want and what will best enhance your breasts

What cup size are you now? What cup size would you like to be? Are you looking for a “natural” look or an “obvious” enhancement??

Having the same implants as your friend may not always be applicable, and putting in the same implants as those in a magazine model may end up looking awkward!

YOU are what determines which implant size is best for you – your body. The frame of your chest and the area where your breasts sits (breast base) determines the range of implant shapes and sizes that will best fit you. This range is narrow, and is the reason why careful analysis and examination plays an important role during a breast augmentation consultation. Analysis of your body measurements will direct us toward a range of suitable implant sizes and shapes. Once a “right range” of implants has been determined, we can then trial these various implants with sizers that fit in under a bra, to see which one looks and feels best. As long as it falls within this range, the final choice of implant size is often guided by me, but determined by the patient.

So, what happens when we exceed this “right range”, and put in implants that are way too big for our bodies? First of all, the rates of complications, such as “double bubble”, implant migration, and implant palpability increases. Secondly, and probably of greater importance, is that when implants are bigger than what our bodies can accommodate, the breasts begin to take on an increasingly unnatural appearance, with the implants often spilling over the top and to the sides. In the main, the goal of any breast augmentation is to achieve natural-looking, voluptuous breasts, whilst minimising long-term complications. Big is good, but bigger is not always better!