One of the unfortunate “side effects” that come with been a mother is a loose belly. This occurs with most women after pregnancy and giving birth, and is especially evident in women who have been through multiple pregnancies. Few are genetically fortunate enough to escape this fate of nature. Post-birth, the previously expanded abdomen (with its stretched layers of muscle, fat, and skin) suddenly shrivel down like a deflating balloon. The “six pack” muscle (rectus abdominis) and abdominal skin are often so stretched and irreversibly damaged that they never bounce back to their pre-pregnancy state. No matter how much well-intended exercise (such as sit-ups) is performed, the lax abdominal skin never seem to improve, and often become a point of annoyance. Women will frequently reach the end of their tethers doing exercises to flatten their post-birth bellies, only to be faced with disappointing results. When presented with such an abandoned scenario, one of the best ways to improve and restore the abdominal contour is through an abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”). In fact, the best candidates for an abdominoplasty, and those who will attain the best results, are women with minimal fat and plenty of loose skin! Other factors that contribute to a good outcome from an abdominoplasty include stable weight and good general health. An abdominoplasty involves more than just removal of excess loose fat and skin. The underlying muscle that has been separated during pregnancy is repaired and restored to their original position. This manoeuvre helps toward restoring a nice waist line. The scar from an abdominoplasty is positioned along the underwear line and generally fade with time. Exercise and good health are certainly positive habits to have in all respect when trimming down post-pregnancy. It may not resolve the issue of a mummy tummy, but can certainly put you in good step toward a getting a good result from an abdominoplasty!