Trigger Finger, or digital flexor tenosynovitis, is a condition that can affect all fingers as well as the thumb. A nodule can form over the tendons of the hand due to inflammation. If large enough, the nodule can get blocked in the tunnel in which the tendon travels through. When this happens, further movement of the tendon is prevented, and the finger is unable to be extended. Forceful attempts at extending the affected finger “pops” the nodule abruptly through the tunnel, which causes the “triggering”. The process is usually painful.

A simple procedure, which can be readily performed under local anaesthesia, can help eleviate the symptoms of trigger finger. A small incision is placed on the palm over the affected finger, and the tendon tunnel is released, thus allowing return of smooth gliding of the tendon.

If you have been bothered by trigger finger, please contact our office today to discuss how Dr Goh can help treat this condition for you.