Dupuytren’s Contracture is characterized by hard and tight bands of tissue variably running along the palm surface of the hand and fingers. It frequently occurs in people with diabetes, epilepsy, liver disease, or those who have a relatively high level of alcohol consumption. This condition can significantly limit the ability of the hand to open and close, thus affecting it’s function.

In severe cases where the function of the hand is greatly limited, an operation (dupuytren’s fasciectomy) may be required to release and remove the tight bands of tissue. In addition, a skin graft may be required if diseased skin requires removal. During this procedure, the nerves that supply feeling to the fingers are at high risk of injury. Dr Goh endeavours to preserve these important nerves by carefully separating them from the diseased tissue. In the post-operative period, Dr Goh institutes intensive physical therapy to prevent scarring and to optimise restoration of hand function.

If your hand function is currently inhibited by dupuytren’s contracture, contact our office today, and arrange a consultation with Dr Goh to discuss how your condition can be improved.