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Every surgical procedure, however big or small, will have a scar – period.

There are NO “scar-less” procedures.

Every cut on the skin will result in some kind of a scar. The aim with every surgical procedure, of course, is to produce a scar that over time becomes faint and, if possible, hidden in a naturally […]

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Growing Old Gracefully

What does that actually mean? And do you agree with it?

Should we simply accept the inevitability that signs of ageing will eventually catch up with us?

Should we surrender to the physical consequences of just been alive?

It is true, contrary to what I do as a profession, that I will on certain occasions recommend this […]

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Pre-Op Diet 101

How important is diet and supplement restriction prior to any plastic surgery procedure?
Very important.

A questionnaire carried out prior to patients seeing me for the first time will ask about their medical history and medications that they are on. This is important in order to assess a patient’s general health, fitness for surgery, as well […]

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A Healthy Dose of Vanity

Is vanity such a bad thing?

It certainly can be, when flaunted in the extreme, when unrealistic expectations are placed upon appearances to an extent where it becomes distressing for the person and intolerable for others, or when aesthetic desires go beyond what is possible through natural or plastic surgical means. In a competitive world […]

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Give & Take

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”, says the old book.

Is it?

Why this random thought? Well, it came to me one evening on a recent charity plastic surgery trip to India, as I sat on our team bus heading back to the hotel after a long day of surgery for children with […]

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