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Going Miles for Smiles

Sunday Mail

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Going Miles for Smiles

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No Returns

I learned a valuable lesson this week about consistency and harmony which has relevant application to plastic surgery.

Browsing through a furniture store on a spare sunday afternoon, I spotted in the distant corner of the store a beautiful console unit (table with drawers that’s usually placed behind a sofa). Instantly, a broad beam of […]

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It Hurts To Be Beautiful


Recently, during a regular operating morning, the song playing over the speakers sang out “Don’t HATE Me ‘Cos I’m Beautiful…”.

My anaesthetist commented joyously: “Oh, they’re playing MY song again…”!

It is commonly granted that beautiful/attractive people have an edge when it comes to getting what they want, and the service that they receive. This is […]

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Smoking and Surgery

I always ask my patients if they smoke, and how much.
For the best outcome from surgery, I strongly advise that patients who smoke cease their habit for at least two weeks prior to and two weeks after surgery – or at least significantly reduce the amount they smoke. The ingredients in cigarette smoke constricts […]

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Brisbane Courier Mail Profile

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