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What’s In a Brow?

The ideal eye brow has evolved over time. It is ever so highly influenced by media and celebrity preferences. The thin and high-arched brow of yesteryears has given way to the more full-bodied and gently curved brow of today. The brow position of men should sit at around the upper level of the eye […]

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Prominent Ears – How Bat Can It Be?

Kids can be cruel. Unknowingly, but mercilessly, cruel. Teasing and verbal ridiculing among children has become a common and accepted occurrence in the school-ground setting. Children will let loose unkind remarks onto others without realising the negative impact of their words. The psychological consequences of repeated teasing from peers can be dramatic, painful, and […]

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Nose Wanted: Dead or Alive!


Did you know, that today’s technology has delivered various surgical techniques in rhinoplasty (nose job) that can utilise commercially available materials derived from cadavers (deceased human beings)?! These include packaged and ready-to-use cartilage, fascia, and skin. There is a complicated and thoroughly rigid preparation and sterilisation process that these tissue parts have to go […]

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More than meets the eye… lid


When an individual presents with “droopy (upper) eyelids”, there is frequently more to take into consideration than the eyelids themselves. Is it excess eyelid skin alone? Have the eyebrows dropped? Is there an actual mechanical inability of the eyelids to fully open the eyes? Multiple factors can contribute to the appearance of the eyelid. The peri-orbital […]

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Orthognathic Surgery – Building on right foundations

During a recent conference in europe, I took the opportunity to roam the backstreets to admire some grand old castles and churches that date back hundreds of years. It amazed me that even after the gruesome test of time and cascades of ever changing elements, these buildings still struck me as timeless and amazingly beautiful. All […]

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