Breast Surgery

Take a Big Breast

A while ago, a breast reduction was scheduled to be performed. The patient had troublesome G-cup breasts that were continually the source of her neck ache, back pain, as well as been a hindrance in general. She could not find clothes and underwear that could fit easily. Physical activities proved difficult due to the […]

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Mysteries of The Breast Lifted


“How do you LIFT my breasts?”

This was a question posed to me recently by a patient unhappy with the state of her breasts – her post-pregnancy, breast fed, sagging breasts.

The answer? Not with magic. But with consideration for each anatomical component of the breast, and the state at where they are compared to where […]

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Breast Enhancement – Volume and Shape

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and women can pursue surgical enhancement of their breasts for reasons of small size or undesirable shape, or both. It is important for me to elucidate during discussion what concerns the patient most, and the surgical approach needs to be tailored accordingly. Two important factors for both […]

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Gynaecomastia – What’s the Deal?

Gynaecomastia, more commonly known as “Man Boobs”, is a hidden source of embarrassment for A LOT of men. Often revealed within the confines of bathroom mirrors, gynaecomastia can have a detrimental psychological effect on a man’s sense of masculinity, identity, and self confidence. This leads to a reluctance to uncover and go shirtless for […]

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Staying Abreast on Size


Are you considering breast augmentation (enlargement)?

Do you have friends who have had breast implants?

What size? What shape? What technique?

When it comes to breast enlargement using implants (Breast Augmentation), there are important, quantifiable patient factors that have to be evaluated and processed in order to come up with an implant of choice. Size is not […]

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