… in other words, balancing the pivot point.

This principle applies to facial aesthetics, and in particular, nose and chin surgery.

An easy way of considering vertical facial proportions is to break it up into thirds: the upper third, made up of the forehead and eyes; the middle third, dominated by the nose; and the lower […]

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery In Asians

Congratulations to Dr Lee Pu from California for putting together this long awaited and much anticipated 2 volume textbook on what’s becoming an ever expanding sector in plastic surgery – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery In Asians. 

I am honoured to have authored four chapters in this new book.

The asian population’s anatomy, aesthetic ideals, and outcome desires […]

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That’s one of the most common questions that a women considering breast augmentation asks herself and her surgeon, and is particularly relevant when a woman has some degree of ptosis (droopiness) of the breasts. It is a very valid question, as not performing a lift (mastopexy) with an augmentation where it’s indicated can result […]

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Which Plane?

Breast Augmentation pocket planes explained:

A lot of women considering and researching breast augmentation are still confused about what the different pocket planes into which breast implants can be placed and, in particular, which pocket plane will best suit their body.

In essence, there are two pocket planes that a breast implant can be put into: OVER […]

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Going Miles for Smiles

Sunday Mail

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Going Miles for Smiles

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