Congratulations to Dr Lee Pu from California for putting together this long awaited and much anticipated 2 volume textbook on what’s becoming an ever expanding sector in plastic surgery – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery In Asians. 

I am honoured to have authored four chapters in this new book.

The asian population’s anatomy, aesthetic ideals, and outcome desires are very different to the general western population. Westernisation is no longer the general desired end point. The effect of media and pop culture, which continually evolves, has now a greater impact on what the asian cosmetic patient desires than ever before. The use of autologous (patient’s own tissue) grafting material in preference over alloplastic (artificial) materials for nose surgery is increasing in popularity as the late complications of alloplastic use become more evident. Facial bone surgery to reduce facial width and improve jaw alignment can create dramatic changes to the face, but is not an operation without it’s risks.
The principles and techniques demonstrated by experts in their field in this book arrive at a relevant time in our ever increasingly multicultural society.